Saturday, November 5, 2011

Why should Engineers get into Politics?

Engineers are generally problem solver.

Engineers are taught a technique to deal with certain pattern of problems. Later with experience and instinct they are expected to solve problems of different kinds.  They have to keep on improvising the taught techniques so as to survive and prosper. Since, every situation is different from another an engineer always looks to learn, modify and be modest about the vast knowledge he has already accumulated. Engineering ethics believes in respecting and supporting his fellow colleagues work and idea along with constructive criticism.

The engineered product is meant to survive for longer period. Hence, an engineer must be far sighted. He has to take the responsibility of his present action up to the point in future where he himself might not exist.
How long will you apply for these type of jobs?
Engineers are brought up to be reasonable and economic. An excellent engineer separates himself from the numerous other by being cost effective for the same output. An engineer must possess social skill so as to work smoothly in the field and to understand the demand of the public.
The above mentioned qualities are required for another breed of job as well. They are politicians. They too are expected to be problem solvers. They must be willing to learn from their experience, courageous, improvising, modest, far sighted, responsible, reasonable and cost effective.

One of the few examples of such leader is our current PM Bhattarai. A career of Architect has certainly helped him not only design structures but made him full of above mentioned

characters. Although being a communist and a hard one on that he is ready to improvise. He seems to be ready to take the risk of venturing into parliamentary democracy. He knows how to win place in people’s heart and mind. Even if that is a show off to drive a Mustang and go checking hotels in the highway, it has certainly worked in his favour. He is modest with his personality though his intellectual ability boasts a commanding platform wherever he goes.

Among the advantages that an engineer has above other profession while coming into politics the major ones are being able to work in a group , knowing the grass root demands and ability to stay calm in tough situations. The humility that the former US president Jimmy Carter possesses is second to none among his colleagues. He too was an engineer. What more, the head of the Libyan interim government formed after the successful revolution that removed Gadaffi  is an engineer too. However, being an engineer you need to work up on your political thesis, enhance your dialectics and be in touch with an organization of your liking. So, people if you are an engineer who knows that chair in the office is waiting for you?
{the blogger is an engineer himself and asks for forgiveness if found guilty of being biased, but surely engineering rocks!}

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