Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why arent we creative?

Creativity is what makes us human. The problem is most of us lose it or are made to lose it.

It is unknown to many of us how we lose creativity while we grow up.Once, while i was a child...i asked one of my  vinajus how did the camera work? He said its too complex for me to understand.Well, his answer was very much true.  Now, when i  look  back i think i lost a bit of my creativity there.

God knows..if he just wore those golden lungis and walk  around bare chest even in winters. That is atleast what the Indian produced epic serials like Ramayana and Mahabhart showed. That is how we are made dumb. Somewhere down the line, i think, many children may be believing that God speaks in Hindi.

Well from what i have seen...i believe west is more creative than the east ( at present and forgive me for my lack of knowledge of the past). As a matter of fact its their creativity that we are riding on. I  am typing this instead of writing. You are moving the cursor from line to line....rather than moving  ur fingertips. They own this, they made this , they excelled on things and ya we just followed.

So maybe you question why arent we as creative they are? Well to be creative u need freedom. We have it now. Oh..........Do we really? Don't u remeber you asking your teacher whether to underline such and such stuff...whether to leave a line while you which format to write the date? Don't you remeber ur parents making u conscious of your career when u thought of choosing a field that was of your interest?Well its like asking u to drink a cup  of tea when ur handcuffed. Even then some do it with their legs or their elbows. So dont be confused to see some among us being creative and a super one...u know..leaving even the west behind.

Well i and maybe even  u dont know why we fight between communist and capitalist,,,,,but we imported it from the west. We are made to lack  creativity and we keep on trying what flopped.Constantly  people who try to make innovation in these philosophies get turned down by mysterious forces.Madan Bhandari revived communism and made it tough enough to face elections well he was dispersed. King Birendra experimented or let say was the only dictator(atleast the one i have seen) who thought army was not the solution he neither used it against Maoists nor against the People in 1990 AD....well and he got perished.

Ladies now if u wear blouse with those threads flowing to make ur self sexy...well  u know our Chowbandi had 4 of them already and probably a sleevless version would have made the street go wild.
Neither of us realized that because...we were busy following Cyrus, Swift and Perry.

The TVs presenter try to give you details in such a way that u never heard of something as such as Prachanda, your filter comes with such manual as if u knew nothing about cleanliness.After all there's a mystery that is making us less creative. We are being efficient in the expense of creativity. We now skype each other but very few of us know how the telephone works.

well we may do this someday!can't we
Now that the world has developed we are being made dependent on each other and moreover in a dangerous way. Even in a subject lets say Civil  Engineering,you have specialist on structure, hydropower, irrigation etc. This way we are programmed to know less of the whole.The knowledge is divided and we diversify and we become easy to dominate easy to control. Universities are there to ensure that anything you learn  except that by professors( i mean what is in the book) is invalid because u will never have the certificate for it.

Well lets hope we raise our creativity ,unite and turn  things around.Hopefully we will be successful in changing the way this thing works.


  1. i agreed on every little aspect you wrote here....but i totally disagreed on your second last paragraph,"Even in a subject lets say Civil Engineering,you have specialist on structure, hydropower, irrigation etc. This way we are programmed to know less of the whole."

    thats becoz....we need to become master of at least one...if not..according to ya,"we'll be jack of all and master of none(in my view)"...and by that we may be misleaded more.
    "The knowledge is divided and we diversify and we become easy to dominate easy to control."

  2. well thanks..for..reading..and reaching..this..far...well that is true the way u case..of Engg..and maybe the fact that we learn civil..engg..made me give that eg...but what i mean is a person who studies literature..must be tought to perform..good on poems..essays..and all...but if we ask..him..he can specilaize..only on one of them..than..his creativity..or his appetite..certainly decreases..

  3. overall the article is ok but as avishek said the thing abt the civil engineering is not so much of a point coz one person can't do the works are divided.....and the important thing is that we learn and not abt certificate.....coz anything we learn is never wasted it comes in handy somewhere in life....

  4. well saying about the article its ok.. n taking about creativity.... i see the hesitation from u.. u never tried to go beyond the lines of limit.... for eg... ur so called vinajus he ignored ur question.. so as on ur side u never tried to get informaton from other. or use the camera on ur own...

    and i may not be right but( jack of all is far more creative than master of one)... to be seen in the case of engg.... i think the explanation is not needed here hope ur that much of creative.....

  5. padhis..thnx..aba maile.k bhann khoja bhana..taile degree.cha.bhane.taile PHy...bujne..praysai.gardainas..coz..u will never be much as ur work in CHem.coz u dont have deg in Phy..ani aba PHy padhna..ta arko 5 barsa..lagcha ni we are in one way disouraged to be more creative..and innovati ve.

  6. @kisor...thanks..mate..ur my regular..reader..I acknowledge that..ya,,i hesitated..and i am giving the one way my "vinaju"//understand the env in which i was brought didnt help me be creative...For eg if he had said "common boy have a look,,,try for urself its self than u thought" i might have been more encouraged.

    and ya the eg i gave in Engg..that is somewhat faulty..Thnks for remindin me of that...hope u go through my reply to abhishek..he had the same Q.its the 2nd comment...

  7. good article man..
    we arent creative cuz we dont even dare to take any risk, try garne ta kurae nagarum.. arule pakayera dincha bhane kasle tarkari kinna jancha??
    we all are darfok(including me)

  8. @ khatra..bro...sachi hami sab arka le pakako khane palkera..kuro bigreko sahi ho....yar taile bhana

  9. a person is curios abt certain thing not the whole subject as to fulfill his curiosity he just searches abt it in the books, internet or ask people related to it....and he only goes so far in that as long as he is the degree thing is not so much of a matter....

  10. nice article..It would have been better if you focused more on the answer...'Why aren't we creative?' liked the one about media influence on perception...thought the same way too.

  11. creativity can never bloom in ur room...untill u break the so called freedom with chains cling unto u......

  12. @ abhijit,,ya that might be the case,,but still he shall have no formal proof for the pieces he learnt,,

  13. @kshitiz thanx for reading UF hehe....Maybe i write Why aren't we creative part 2

  14. @kishor dami bhanis yar,,,it sums up the whole thing doesnt it,,