Saturday, November 12, 2011

Story of a Trafficker

It must be the happiest day of my life.

The clouds were coming over from far mountains to question the dominance of blueness in the sky. That couldn't bother me. I was just happy. Would you believe me, I a SLC fail could do this? I know I am clever, but did you? Am i a overconfident bloke, nope I amn't. I was just so clever, just that bit more so that i could puzzle the border patrol.Do you know that bloody fool? Yeah, that who got something of a somewhat hero award. She has a whole setup. She gets dollars to fund her wicked system, still I got away. Doesn't that mean I am clever?

So, why is this the happiest day? Aren't you curious, so was Sanu Maya? When i first told her jobs were easy and money would flow like the swirling sugarcanes in the monsoon wind, she looked at her hands bruised by the leaves of the paddy.She looked at me anxiously bamboozled to say the least. For one who had to quarell a fortnight to see a movie in a floor of a cinema hall, that was delightful.You know greed is a bad thing. Sanu Maya was. So she must have been punished. I was sent to punish her and didn't I do it in a better way. Did a simple persuasion of mine, a gentle touch of sympathy would get her  going to the city? No, not certainly. It was her greed that led her to come to me.

You may believe I am greedy. Yeah a little bit but not more. I swear I am not greedy.Don't you know why I didn't touch Sanu Maya even though I faked a marriage with her. It is simple. A virgin had  triple a price at Mumbai,and you know I was seriously meaning some business. Do you say that an act of my greed,no I don't.

And if i was greedy, I should have put all my money for myself. Would i have paid all the charges of the pub including that of Birkhe, Birey and even that of Chepe who stole my money last year. No, I wouldn't have. And would i have bought this lovely necklace for my wife. Aha, you must know the price of Gold, but i still bought it. Would you have done it. I know some of you delayed your daughter's marriage just for the sake of rising gold price. You greedy horse shits. Don't you know what have i bought for my daughter. None of you might have seen this before. She is 6 but she is going to look a princess tonight. I won't tell, who knows you will buy the same for your daughters.

And this conductor whistles, the bus pauses and the engine shuts off. I am in a hurry don't these people know this. I have to show this to my wife and daughter.Wait! Wait!! Be clever. Act simple, that was what i told to Sanu Maya at the border. You know the pickpockets don't you, they may eye me if i act this way.Let me act calm the same way Sanu did.

OK! I got off the bus tight and secure. I am clever.

I enter my house. Its late in the evening, my wife is suprised just looking at me. What will happen if she knows what i have in my bag? My daughter is doing her studies in a dim Laltin light, what shall happen to her. Certainly this must be the happiest day of my life.

So, I gave my daughter the secret dress. Okay! You don't know where i bought it from. So you will never know what it really is.

My lord doesn't she look pretty.

My wife is anxious but I can't let her know now.I just gave her few grands letting her know we would survive this winter's famine. We had dinner. She bought some meat. She is clever too. She baught me 2 mannas of local brewery from Suntali's pub. So, the dinner was joyful.Truly it was turning out to be the happiest day of my life.

So it was night time. This was the time when I would like to reveal my secret. I awarded with her the most precious thing that i stuffed into my bag. She was happy. She might have thought of showing her to Birkhe's wife tommorow, but isn't she clever. She thought of tonight. She quickly undressed herself completely. Just the necklace was on her neck.It was glowing.She slept over me. Every part of us overlapping each other, OH! Holy shit! What's happening to me. Wait i am not getting erect. Did i lose this stuff at 27. What is happening to me. I am listening to this curious sound of women crying sharply. But my wife is silent. How can it happen? That sound seems familiar. It seems to come towards me.It seems it is originating within me. I feel its like that of Sanu Maya. My wife is signalling at me. No, not for sex you fools. She is pointing to the right corner of our door.

I finally get my senses right.My daughter is crying. Certainly my wife can't attend her all naked. I hurried to her corner of our room. She laid in her small bed all in tears. I asked her why? She told the pin in her dress kept pinching her hard.And didn't i tell you it is the secret dress. It has secret ways of undressing. So i undressed this gift off her to make her comfortable. In the process, i saw my baby naked. My daughter turned silent, but the echoes of cry returned. I accidenlty imagined Sanu Maya being naked and raped.It wouldn't go.It just started buzzening. It deepened within me. Fuck me, i fainted.

I rise this morning. I am listening to the Japenese radio. I am tuning in for news.My wife is preparing some tea. She is acting weird after yesterday's act of mine. She blamed the brewerey but i blame something i cannot reason.I am thinking how did this sound came.The radio too continued.The newsreader declares a someone named Sanu Maya committed sucide in a police custody after being rescued.

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