Sunday, October 2, 2011


The present day world is full with different sort of inequalities. Nepalese don't have as equal share as the EU or the Americans do. In EU, roughly an organization made to unite and equalize every nation of  Europe, Germany has a louder say than Greece. In sports, Rooney is paid more than Tendulkar.  Even among laborers, Nepalese have a minimum salary of Rs 6500 a month while the British have 5.8 pounds (roughly Rs 580) per hour.

Why is this happening? Were things planned to happen like this?

Let me take u back to the day when very first humans were born. Back then everyone must have been equal. Now we aren't.

Many have tried to answer this question. Buddha, Jesus and other religious or spiritual Gurus tried to remove such  inequality through their spiritual preaching and magical deeds. Marx tried to convince us through his theory of class struggle. Capitalism which have been running the show in the present time, has moreover served in widening the rift between  the poor and the rich. So, where have we missed the plot? Why  have we been put into a situation where we think that all of us can't be given the same privilege to survive? Why does the mere geographical location of our birthplace determine most  of our future?

The main reason of today's inequality is the unequal distribution of technologies. The reason of this is the pseudo feeling of nationality which has been developed among us. Whether it be nuclear energy or plastic toys every country wants to make its technology a secret. Within a country itself various private companies fight for the patent rights of their efficient  models.  Many provisions such as taxes, trade treaties, embargos etc have prevented the free flow of technology through out the globe. This has caused inequality among the humans.

Once we reach the tipping point of technological advances, and once we find a mechanism to spread it all over the earth we all shall be equal. Despite of our difference in attitudes,  talent ,nationality, religion we all shall be equal again. The
rate at which that particular day shall be approaching us depends on how our policy makers act. If the policies are devised  so as to provide a direct relation between the mass and the technicians, the day shall come to us soon. Otherwise, if we keep foolish politicians and bureaucrats  in between controlling our technical demands and technician's expertise, the day might not come even during the lifespan of the mighty sun.

So let us believe in ALL were EQUAL,  ALL aren't EQUAL, ALL will be EQUAL. Good luck to us.

Here is  John Lennons's Imagine. A perfect song for this article.

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