Monday, November 8, 2010


At school we used to study texts where the writer generally describes his journey with a small child.Recently I too had one.Nothing special happened except for the fact that i took an extra  notice of it.

I prefer to travel on Safa tempoes inside the valley.They are not the coziest or the fastest.The main advantage is that they limit the passenger seat to 10.I stood near Ghantagar.A tempo headed for Sinamangal arrived after a while or so.I gestured the tempo to stop.It did.I entered in.

I turned into a confuse guy, i saw no seat available and the driver had started to drive again.So, i thought i would stand on the back, and get a view of dusty Kathmandu( i have done that sometime and i truely feel awesome). Some seconds flew by pretty quickly. A fellow passenger pointed me to where this little girl sat, and said her mother to take her in her lap.(and later i found out the passenger was not a relative of the girl).I felt releived and waited for the little girl to be lifted and taken into her mothers lap. As it was happening , the girl said"tapai aatnu hunna yaha"{you wont fit in here!}.Just like what she said a very little space remained after she left her designated seat.Then I fitted myself to whatever of the seat was left.She responded at my face,"maile bhanakai thiye ni tapai aatnu hunna bhanera"{ i said to u , u wont fit in there}.

Well, she looked pretty and her fairy dress suited her too.To her poking comments I had nothing but a semi smile.

That made me remember my own childhood.Once in a bus, i began to argue with my mother that we were travelling West so we shall never reach home.I boasted my ability to predict directions, and i deliberately began to shout loud so that the conductor would listen to me. Instead the passengers smiled at me( the same semi smile as i have given to that girl).

One day this small girl shall grow up, and she too would give a semi smile to other childs.We all grow up and ......we all give the SEMI SMILE.Don't we!

Today, i again happened to travel via the popular "Annapurna tempo" to Ghantaghar.The tempo had vacant seats.A child and her mother boarded the tempo.By luck or by any other means this particular lady sat beside me.She left her daughter to squeeze(i mean comfortably) between big legs of her and mine.The ride was not a smooth one.The tempo would stop randomly and the passengers bumped sideways.So this little girl dressed in all white(coincindently as the other girl) grabbed my hand and later( just after a few seconds) put her hand into the hollow space formed between my elbow and and the abdomen.She felt innocent and didnt suffer any hazards.On the contrary, a teenage girl was bound to form a gap between mine and her .She had great difficulty controlling herself(i don't blame her for this misery).

Again, some another day i shall be in my 40's and she shall be in her 20's and whatever tough be the  ride she wouldn't even take a mildest of support on me. Things change bitterly with time and as i think childhood is the time when a human is a damn good innocent phenomenon.

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