Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The current Miss Nepal can't boast herself a full support from her hometown while she will be competing for the Miss World title this October.
The beauty contest has always been under controversy from its very beginning.It is blamed as the contest treating women as a mere showpiece.But sometimes I wonder why the stereotypes don't protest the Male Body Building Contest where contestants.....dress up negligibly in comparison to their female counterparts of Miss Nepal.At least the formality of asking some questions is carried out in  a typical Miss Nepal contest (well i still think touching hair in a certain segment of the event is totally bizzaire).Enough has been debated on this matter and I shall take this issue in a new way in the following paragraphs.
Whatever be the case I am rather more optimistic via the individual who won the contest held on sep 1.Competing to represent the country(maybe also the Dabur Vatika as pointed out by some) takes enough courage.First of all at an age of 17 the contestant she has groomed herself and I myself being 20,don't remember myself thinking of competing in such a competitve event.
Also another interesting thing is ,the level of competition has increased for sure.In the previous contests, the final round used to give a obvious winner with many finalist giving pointless answers in a confused tone.But this time things changed for good, every finalist answered and more over the winner appeared to be so confident that she spoke the same as she wrote in paper without even looking in it.
The answer of the winner was striking to me.She(from a science background coupled with a brief modelling career) slotted in one of her choices the dream of making her colleagues youth a scientist.That was unprecedented and especially the contest used to be full with the same mentally allied womens who made glamour their present and future. However this pretty lady..still continues to show interest in the field of science .
1st in her school, studying in the no.1 college of the country and tagged no.1 contestant...and going to win the contest she shows some unprecedented signs.So, maybe this time she changes the look of Nepali women in front of the foreigners...as did lately the U-19  women cricket team. So lets hope she brings the crown home and the event takes itself to a higher level rather than a mere annual debating point.

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