Saturday, January 22, 2011


 Some precious making of my childhood took place at this  very town,  Lalbandi.If i know things such as tyre gada, a couple or two things more about the Haat bazar or rice harvesting all of the credit goes to this fellow town.I rode a buffalo here and i am learning to ride a motorbike here.The change is evident and can be felt in every aspect of lifestyle of people living here. The country has changed and as I say Lalbandi too have adjusted.....and more over has emerged as an important hub of the bordering( to India) Sarlahi District.

Lets begin with education. As I was a small kid, there were three boarding schools...and a primary and a secondary school in the whole neighbourhood. Now things have changed, the no of boarding( understand as private english medium school) has almost tripled.Higher Secondary and Bachelor Degrees has been introduced.Ya,,,,,,,these things make much of a difference but the other more important thing is the changed perception among the people.Unlike me, who carelessly squeezed  shirt into an unironed pant.....and locked the belt so ugly and then the knot of the tie which would sway in any possible arc about my neck my little brothe( my uncle's son) a nursery student cares for his uniform in every possible way.Smiling to myself I thought that was an individual phenomenon(as we say him nakkale),i peeped into the street leading to a popular boarding school early in the morning, and everyone were smart. Hair well oiled coupled with  handsome combing and a  neat handkerchief stitched with a saftey pin to the blue school sweater.WOW! what a scene.People have begun to take schooling as a wholistic approach of development of their child's personality.A significant change which is still lacking in various parts of the country.

Lets look at the second aspect employment.All Lalbandians combined still may not form a billionaire.Maybe not even half of it.But, almost all have managed to attach themselves to a satisfactory job(as per their qualification) apart from their regular agricultural practices.The amazing thing is, places like Lalbandi offers people and especially children to grow up in environment which will make them an allrounder of some sort.In an avergae family(lets assume a liitle more than average), children have an unique opportunity to learn how to milk a cow and simultaneously post the video of it on a facebook page.

Sub Urban place like Lalbandi are now the next frontier of Nepal which may play a dashing role in overcoming the widening rift between big cities and small villages.And also from a ethnic point of view Lalbandi provides a diverse yet peaceful blend of Mongols, Pahadeys and Madhesis.

Today, when i talk to people in Lalbandi, they are optimistic about their future.They seem to invest in their home town with ease and feel people in Kathmandu are a just an inch ahead in terms of infrastructure( education, banking, hospital etc.) but yards away in terms of quality of life(coziness,stress, pollution etc.).Amazingly enough people of this town have begun to take the later aspect as an important integral of a successful life.
Evidently, Lalbandi is expanding rate of immigration is higher than that of emmigration and hopefully turns into a happyily self sustaining municipality in the near future!

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