Monday, October 4, 2010


Well last time when i took a bus from all famous Ratnapark to my university....i had nothin but the view ...that could be seen through my window.I remember my friends rating ,,girls..while having nothing else to do.But let it be known,I am bit more those  to get a good passtime I decided to count the no of couples.

It was an exotic summer evening(meaning some gentle breeze blew enough to keep it cool).and it was rather soon that i lost the count of my dear couples.

So the trend is increasing to be indulged in a relationship(that ..less likely to be converted in to marriage or any sort of creative coperation at least)...among the urban campus goers of Kathmandu...Same is in my university...or let say..the tendency is always there among the teens.

One of brother too haves a such...KIddyfiddy(grade x) relation.Last week when he was invited to a football tourney by his friends.He skipped it and rather went to Gopi Krishna(a cinema Hall) movie with his young unaware and equally mis adventurous....girlfriend.I shall put all my money,,,if somebody comes to bet with me...whether they shall remain together till they go to a college.So what i am trying to prove here is my uniquely talented brother is not exposing himself to a game of cricket or spending the resources he used to buy the buy a small handscope for himself to carry out a mini research.

Worse is the phenomenon among college goers.The tendency to show off and to portray oneself as the capable one to get the best male/female (hereby i mean the most attravtive) has lead to complete...distraction among the youths from their serious agendas.

So why dont we begin to realize the loss of our resources and rather be indulged in a good thoughtful and creative relation that brings the best out of both the partners.A relation just for a sake of it....which is sure to end invites nothing but waste of time and resources.

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