The First Call

Dear Forwards,

By now, most of us must have realized that moving forward is the final and only meaningful aim of every human civilization. We have seen tremendous improvement in what it used to be living a ‘human’ some thousand years ago.  We have passed through various glories and catastrophes to reach where we are. The forward moving process has been gradual  and painstaking for centuries.

However, the current societal trend shows an alarming sign. A new division among men is starting to appear. Throughout the human history, many great thinkers have showered us with thoughts that are provoking, radical, soothing and in most cases contradicting with each other. Unlike some field like that of Science, there is no way to completely disapprove one of the contradicting theory. Hence, our society is now marred by intellectual disintegration with us divided in labels of left, right, center, capitalist, socialist, conservative, liberal etc and their following sub-divisions! These divisions,though a great gift of human freedom, has made us collide with each other resulting in our slow down in political, social and economic front.

This is a time of great opportunity. Most of us have mastered or developed some vision regarding the future human society via our own Gurus and mantras. The time is just about right for us to realize the essence of moving forward by carrying out flexible yet intense discussion on various contradicting issues among passionate individuals from every part of life. It shall be disgusting for humans of today to completely isolate him/herself from ideas other than that s/he was put through in his country, school or at work. Our ideas must collide to bring something new that shall save humans from colliding and rather help us move forward.

Hence, this first call is an invitation to all those passionate, hard thinking individuals from irrespective of their background to be a part of the Swiftlyforward program. Those individuals who not only are ready to put forward their ideas but also change their own once they are convinced by other fellow members in the same regard. Please mail or comment us your ideas and articles regarding the above issues.

We are excited to receive your feedback and inquiries.

Thank You!



Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu