Saturday, November 17, 2012


So what is sexy. Being sexy should literally mean you are attractive enough for the people of opposite sex(in most of the cases) to want of or at least think of having sex with you. However, things are ridiculous now-a-days with TV, music videos and all glamour. The thing sexy is completely a different thing. Today, being sexy is inextricably linked with what media portrays as "sexy".

When I went to watch a Hindi movie, this Laxmi Puja, one of the actresses kept explicitly stating herself as "sexy". To make that statement look relevant, the film started from a scene where she wore a bikini and dived into sparkling blue water. That is what most of us think sexy is. It occurred to me that irrespective of the actress, anyone(most of Bollywood actresses) wearing the same attire and carrying the same scene would have been tagged "sexy". So, I couldn't stop but think, were the wardrobe and the setup sexier than the heroine herself?

In some other cases, actors who are benevolent enough to strip off are considered sexy. That too surprises me. Neither of us are going to have actual sex with those highly rated, rarely reachable so called shining,hot celebrities. So, when they strip off, they must have lost their sexiness. I mean, if you are not going to have a sexual intercourse with a person, the next closest thing to be sexily close to him/her is watch them naked. So, to be "sexy" they must hide more than reveal, you know to keep that "sexy" curiosity going. Surprisingly, the media acts arcane and rates actors who reveal more as sexy. So, like a creed to be followed, actors continuously crave for movies that demands more of intimate scenes until either the viewers or their age get fed up of such nuisance. The rise and fall of such curiosity driven artificial "being sexy" culture is portrayed in the Vidya Balan's starer "Dirty Picture."

even the cartoons are to be blamed?
The media has presented another horrible prospect through its 24 hour "being sexy" bullshit. A "hero" in a movie  always has a muscular setup, and the heroine has a zero sized figure. Then, they are said to complement each other enough to make the sexy chemistry of the "true love saga" work, while all other shapes and sizes are ridiculously thrown away. Imagine, what would happen if all of the world were had men with six pack abs, and women with fair skin and a skinny figure? Maybe a overweight human would be told as sexy! Through continuous streaming of such propagandist agenda, people of personality other than that approved by the media, begin to impugn whether they are capable of nurturing a proper relationship. An over sized person, is always a subject of joke, and put as one who has to seek advise to date a girl/boy. And none protest to it.

Well, I realized these effects that media put into, when i recalled what sort of girls i got attracted to. In my early teens, i would have not picked a particular shape and size, while for now I certainly prefer the media fed "tall and slim" ones. Maybe, I was to grow this way or those actresses in movies made me think so: that may remain a mystery forever. But, it is certain that the media, is feeding wrong sense of being sexy into us. That is too detrimental as we shall spend more of our time, intellect and resources trying to be sexy in par with the actresses or the actors, who in fact have professionals to help their cause.

To sum it up, if you are a nurse, you are going to be sexy to a doctor, if you take care of your patient reliable and sincerely not necessarily by wearing what Jolie wore to the Oscars.


  1. I think this whole sexy thing is guided by human know, when people used to live in caves and were hunters and gatherers...the most muscular or leaner male(compared to chubby ones) would bring more food for the female..similar is the case for girls...the one with bigger breasts are more likely to feed the male's children(in male POV)...hence natural tendency to like girls with bigger breasts...are things as simple as that?you say me...

  2. Yeah! I used to think from your point of view and maybe our sub consciously we are programmed to think so. However, the instincts must have changed by now! For eg, a beautiful actress who does not know the name of PM of her country tends to be less attractive and less sexier to us, than an average looking women who can give smart opinions. Similarly, recent psychologist put male's ability to crack jokes, or to be humorous in front of good looks. This is because we have evolved from the caveman era, however it is obvious that we are still driven by the same basic virtues sub consciously and it does effect our choices!