Saturday, November 3, 2012


Lot of us have memories, that trouble us. Memories that makes us feel dumb. Memories that makes us feel low. Memories that makes us feel betrayed. Memories that make us swallow our breath. Memory that twitches our chin Memories that makes us feel remorseful. Memories that make us feel derelict. And still, we can't figure a way to burn those thoughts.

A girl who dumped you for a drunk pervert. Parents who forced you to change your majors at University. Pet that died licking your dose of cocaine. The teachers who graded you low in a Viva because you were on flippers. Friends who left you in a middle of a fight. The child that left you in a old age home. These always remain in your mind. These always hunt you. They come in your dream to suffocate you. It leaves a musty grim patch in your brain. It makes your heart burn deep when you remember of it. But, still you can't kill those things.

So what?

Is your life ruined to hell? Just for petty shake of people who really don't care for you.

You have a way. Face it. And face it hard.

If you have written a poem for the girl as above. Don't burn it outright. Recite the poem every morning until you get the emotion and attachment out of it. Than its your literary creation.Not everybody turns into an Adele, but maybe you get to recite those poems in a college program or among your friends. If your pet dies licking cocaine, that you intended to sniff, maybe the best thing is to quit it. If the teachers graded you low, maybe you turn up to the University in flippers at Convocation day.That very day teacher are helpless and you feel powerful. If your child leaves you in an old age home, write a diary of every day there. Publish it. Or, try publishing it. It's worth trying. It's never too late. It's not a choice but compulsion when it's your time to act selfish to the ones that did it to you first. It's no revenge, it is an attempt to break the chain that surrounds your precious brain

The main thing that you need to remember is you need to burn memories, not physical things related to the memory. That is just not going to help. Instead look at them every once in a while, until you feel the attachment has faded away. Then nothing can shake you up at middle of the night. Nothing can make you feel low. And, finally you are the same man before the event. Once again you are ready to fight. Once again you are ready to dream.

Good Luck!


  1. turning up on convocation day with your flippers on sounds cool..a good read (Y)

  2. well! that is one crazy idea if done shall be remembered for ever !

  3. you just got lost in your thoughts mate!

  4. I believe it is our memories that make us who we are. Every habit we have, whether good or bad is because it has a place in our memory. We have attachments to people, things, places because they reside somewhere in our memory. Actually, this is the reason I feel that you are making a valid point. The memories of bad incidents in our life certainly affects the way we change our shape in the future. Therefore, it becomes necessary to burn or eliminate them if you want to become a more positively oriented person.

    Congratulations, I expect more in future

  5. Thanks Saurav! You got it right! We can't linger thinking about our past. We need to forget the rough patches and face life.