Tuesday, April 12, 2011


When I was a child i was curious to knowing what others didnt. Nobody of my age cared what " dhall condom" sticken into the boards at some irregular spots of East West Highway meant. I wanted the answer. I asked it to one of my frankest guardian,,,,,my late grandmom. Such issues being a taboo in our society the answer what I received could not be fair. Still she tried her best and was able to satisfy me.

Now at this age I am curious for thing far more complicated than mere rubber. Still while most of the Nepalese linger about teaching other fellows how to wear condom.......i am now curious why is a thin membrane that covers the vagina of a women taken so seriously. Ya male virginity may still be under scrutiny but not as that as much of women.

I want to give you an example. After a well put on marital ceremony one of my relatives (a female) was returned maternal home....just for being accused of having sex with a men previous to marriage.  Now what  does it matter to that boy and his family...that with whom the girl slept with previous to marriage.

You may say ya it matters for a girl  to be a virgin so as to guarntee her of being married to a eligible boy.That same thinking has put the life of many widows colourless. So women forget about remarrying after divorce...and ya thats how we linger back.

What is wrong if we have consent in having pre marital sex.We must remain honest to our partner whether it be pre marital, marital  or post marital relationship. That is what we need not neccesarily a virgin couple being married into and virtually being pushed to have sex with unknown person.(I mean in arranged marriage thats the case)...So may be we open our eyes,,and may be Nepal Police stop raiding couples having sex other than that of lacking mutual consent, immature ages  and illegal prostitution

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