Thursday, March 31, 2011


Lately I have got into an irregular  habit of running down the crooked lanes leading up to the Pashupati Temple in the early morning. I had a sure feeling that the no. of males running alongside me would outnumber that of females and that too by a large margin.I was wrong.

I was astonished by the no of young girls and middle aged women coming in a gang, or with company of their husbands boyfriends,,,,,or brothers. That was different from what i saw when i joggled down the same route some ten year back in my blue adidas track suit trying to keep up with my fathers' pace.Maybe now at 20 I am more inclined to look at ladies for obvious reasons but I assure you something has changed.

Maybe the era of Korean slim actresses has taken over or many have carried out their lessons from baba Ramdev or have role modelled Mitchell Obama but I feel a change in mentality among most of the city dwelling women.Being educated almost with the same investment as their male counterparts and with the confidence that women too can do something more than just getting married off to a rich guy they have begun to take care of their physical fitness seriously.

Thats not only what i have noticed lately.Last 3 months I have begun to take it upon myself to walk on foot from New Baneshwor to Old Baneshwor every Friday and I feel the difference. Working ladies looking smart in their fitting ladies suit! Wonderful! Now that the change has begun to occur  lets hope matured women dont get them self quoted as just being a housewife.

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