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Ekla Cholo Re - Tagore

 "Bengali Script
যদি তোর ডাক শুনে কেউ না আসে তবে একলা চলো রে।
একলা চলো, একলা চলো, একলা চলো, একলা চলো রে॥
যদি কেউ কথা না কয়, ওরে ওরে ও অভাগা,
যদি সবাই থাকে মুখ ফিরায়ে সবাই করে ভয়—
তবে পরান খুলে
ও তুই মুখ ফুটে তোর মনের কথা একলা বলো রে॥
যদি সবাই ফিরে যায়, ওরে ওরে ও অভাগা,
যদি গহন পথে যাবার কালে কেউ ফিরে না চায়—
তবে পথের কাঁটা
ও তুই রক্তমাখা চরণতলে একলা দলো রে॥
যদি আলো না ধরে, ওরে ওরে ও অভাগা,
যদি ঝড়-বাদলে আঁধার রাতে দুয়ার দেয় ঘরে-
তবে বজ্রানলে
আপন বুকের পাঁজর জ্বালিয়ে নিয়ে একলা জ্বলো রে।।


Jodi tor đak shune keu na ashe tôbe êkla chôlo re,
Êkla chôlo, êkla chôlo, êkla chôlo, êkla chôlo re.
Jodi keu kôtha na kôe, ore ore o ôbhaga,
Jodi shôbai thake mukh firaee shôbai kôre bhôe—
Tôbe pôran khule
O tui mukh fuţe tor moner kôtha êkla bôlo re.
Jodi shôbai fire jae, ore ore o ôbhaga,
Jodi gôhon pôthe jabar kale keu fire na chae—
Tôbe pôther kãţa
O tui rôktomakha chôrontôle êkla dôlo re.
Jodi alo na dhôre, ore ore o ôbhaga,
Jodi jhôŗ-badole ãdhar rate duar dêe ghôre—
Tôbe bojranôle
Apon buker pãjor jalie nie êkla jôlo re.

Hindi translation[edit]

तेरी आवाज़ पे कोई ना आये तो फिर चल अकेला रे
फिर चल अकेला चल अकेला चल अकेला चल अकेला रे
ओ तू चल अकेला चल अकेला चल अकेला चल अकेला रे

तेरी आवाज़ पे कोई ना आये तो फिर चल अकेला रे
फिर चल अकेला चल अकेला चल अकेला चल अकेला रे

यदि कोई भी ना बोले ओरे ओ रे ओ अभागे कोई भी ना बोले
यदि सभी मुख मोड़ रहे सब डरा करे
तब डरे बिना ओ तू मुक्तकंठ अपनी बात बोल अकेला रे
ओ तू मुक्तकंठ अपनी बात बोल अकेला रे

तेरी आवाज़ पे कोई ना आये तो फिर चल अकेला रे

यदि लौट सब चले ओरे ओ रे ओ अभागे लौट सब चले
यदि रात गहरी चलती कोई गौर ना करे
तब पथ के कांटे ओ तू लहू लोहित चरण तल चल अकेला रे

तेरी आवाज़ पे कोई ना आये तो फिर चल अकेला रे

यदि दिया ना जले ओरे ओ रे ओ अभागे दिया ना जले
यदि बदरी आंधी रात में द्वार बंद सब करे
तब वज्र शिखा से तू ह्रदय पंजर जला और जल अकेला रे
ओ तू हृदय पंजर चला और जल अकेला रे

तेरी आवाज़ पे कोई ना आये तो फिर चल अकेला रे
फिर चल अकेला चल अकेला चल अकेला चल अकेला रे
ओ तू चल अकेला चल अकेला चल अकेला चल अकेला रे

Translation into English[edit]

Here is the translation in prose of the Bengali original rendered by Rabindranath Tagore himself.[6]
If they answer not to thy call walk alone
If they are afraid and cower mutely facing the wall,
O thou unlucky one,
open thy mind and speak out alone.
If they turn away, and desert you when crossing the wilderness,
O thou unlucky one,
trample the thorns under thy tread,
and along the blood-lined track travel alone.
If they do not hold up the light when the night is troubled with storm,
O thou unlucky one,
with the thunder flame of pain ignite thy own heart,
and let it burn alone." - Rabindra Nath Tagore.
via Wikipedia

(I think this poem has a self sufficient explanation. It would be disrespect to the poet, if you take the below passage as an explanation of a regular poem done in a literature class. The following is just what came across me while listening to the poem. In fact its just a way of convincing myself the greatness of poet's word.)

This poem has helped me many a times! Sometimes you need to walk alone! None may believe you, not because they don't love you, not because they are selfish but just because they can't comprehend what you are up to. Sometimes, you are the only one on your plans and the only one who believes in your ability to deliver.

It helps let go jealousy too! You do get jealous and hurt when somebody who used to accolade you when in the usual theme of the world, now is in somebody else's flank just because you changed your dream! They are right on their own! Probably, they have their own path to walk alone, if they have to! Why would they when their current path is filled with lot of wonderful people? You can't blame a Hanuman devotee women of not remaining unmarried. Even Hanuman's lord Ram was a married guy! Just let that go and walk alone..!

Great people must have! Buddha would have been a foolish prince just like Rana Bahadur Shah (who apparently left Kathmandu to meet his exiled wife in Kashi that let the Rana plan their regime) had he left walking alone until the last moment of Nirvana. None must have believed in Buddha until he attained Nirvana, just like we don't believe in Bamjan being the next Buddha. Its not that Buddha being the man he was didn't love his family and friend ; he had bigger things to do. I wouldn't have blamed Buddha's wife if she had married another guy. Like, she might have her own struggle to walk alone for, let's assume 'women empowerment' in the then royal court. Perhaps, Buddha wouldn't have walked with her out of his penance. She should have walked alone and had she done that even by marrying a new guy to prove a point, she would have been worth it.

So, when I see people stacking up their friend list in Facebook, or giving follow back offer in Twitter; i feel it's okay until they will find an unique path to walk. No chat or tweet will bring them in his path until s/he shows it by himself. You'll have to walk alone and let them go.

And here's Shreya Goshal singing this poem. Have a good day!

Ekla Chalo re: Tagore song by Shreya Goshal