Saturday, October 5, 2013


Well, we are coming just off the Bill O' Reilly abuse of our fellow Sudarsan Thapa. He is ignorant, you may say, enough to pull ofF such a lame joke; but you will never find him telling this election at Nepal is going to be a comic show. Otherwise, he will sadly be telling the truth which he is not so known for.

I don't  know how we come to be so credulous to believe in our leaders, to vote them again and again to the echelons of power, to see them fall again, and to vote them back to the pinnacle of power and see them do the same. It is the 'charisma' of election based democracy in the 3rd world country.It blinds us, it feigns at us pretending to give every one of us with undeniable power to choose, but the reality shows our choices have revolved around a very few. The past 20 years are enough to prove the point. It was not elections that brought the Maoist into power. Every time a revolution has had to be in place to make Nepalese realize a new legitimate political force was born or dismissed. Lets do election another score of time and still we will revolve around the same sets of ideals and ideologues. It rather seems a party convention plays more critical role of bringing in new leaders.In a lifetime, an average person may vote up to 8 times, provided regular elections happen. It seems that is not enough for us to realize what is happening is a recurring dream. I sincerely hope we could catch that abuse in the first show just like we did with that O' Reilly's bullshit.

The defeated mentality of us and our leaders plays a part in every subservient move we make. Like a down in confidence player does whatever practice drills the coach says to be back in the team; our leaders, who fell out with India or somebody else at some point of time, do the 'practice drill'- the CA-II. I know there is no option now that we have chosen CA as the form of making constitution. Going back would mean destabilizing the achievements of 2063 B.S. revoultion. But in the mean time,  failure of another CA ensure will ensure the same. However, it is amazing how the intellectuals, the media, and the leaders have turned their blind eye to this possibility.

So, why they have ignored this possibility? Especially, when we have done nothing new to change the final result. The reason is more apparent than what it seems to be. Our fellow top leaders must have been trained by the 'coach' to a certain set of constitution already. The Madheshi parties concluding 'Ek Madhesh Ek Pradesh' is no possibility, the UCPN Maoist's ex PM BRB saying that ethnic federalism is a ideal that must be revised upon and etc. shows the heterogeneity among the parties is already solved by some form of coaching or at least will be. It is now no more a race to make a constitution of own ideology, but it is a 'practice' race to show who is among the popular votes in Nepal, and accordingly be chosen by the 'coach' as the 'play maker' for the moves they propose to implement.

This is even more bolstered by the confidence the main 4 parties have shown to go on with the election even though Baidya was narrowing his demands to take part in the election. Baidya, seeing the popular support not with him, must have thought of taking part in the election. But the puppets of the master drew their own calculation that favored Baidya being out of the election. Especially for the UCPN Maoist the exclusion of Baidya means no division of votes among the Maoist. He was either for unification of the two Maoists or if not then pushing them out of the election. With the radical image that the Baidyas already have it was easy to fool us, however except for Netra Bikram Chand, must Maoist leaders advocated participation in the forthcoming election. It is ridiculous how 'blessings' from external power gives enough confidence,even at the cost of deployment of the army, so as to exclude a legitimate force off elections though it was narrowing demands.

The media is so anti Baidya, it is tough for him to survive at urban bases. It is obvious even through latest works like 'Prayogshala' that foreign interference is present in even the most minuscule of government affairs. In such case, how can constitution be independent of it? His proposal of Round Table Conference, though may not be the most genuine of thoughts, was at least a try towards molding consensus withing the Nepalese forces which would diminish  foreign influence.The media points out yet another chance of violent saga to demonize Baidya, though there is little chance he will do the same. I would have been the last person to support an orthodox Communist like Baidya, but seeing his plight I feel mercy for him. Now the big 4s whatever their make up be in the CA-II will endorse the ready made phantom constitution. Apparently the CA-II will turn a hit, and Baidya will be insidiously removed from Nepalese politics. What a loss! Though a advocate of violent rebellion, which is a tragedy in itself, at least he has seen the tragedy of rural Nepalese to whom even Nepal Banda fails to make a difference. At least there is a  remenance of the 'People war'( =yet another tragedy), who still is standing to the reason it were fought for and the people who died for it. The Prachands and BRBs are thinking the war period as a mere dream that has passed away. Neither they repent the war as unnecessary neither they work differently than regular parliamentary force.What a waste of so many lives! Well, its pity to see people like Baidya and his followers being sidelined by the Nepalese themselves for pithy self interests and severe manipulation.We are once again pushed back some 20 odd years. Sorry to say, but Mr. Baidya its good bye to you, at least for now.

So, whoever we elect the result is going to be the same. The constitution as we all have seen in the past will be made in a Resort, and it is pretty easy to put in a imported sets of document there. The 601 we send are mere comedians. Especially when we have seen a defeated fellow, Madhav Nepal, elected as the PM.Now if he is elected again, what does that mean in span of 4 years what change occurred that justifies his back to the hot seat. Nothing, just a comic randomization.

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