Wednesday, July 18, 2012


In several occasions, I have come across people and situations that argue God created Nature. The placing of sun, the tilting of Earth, the flow of river, the dark spots in moon, the constellations in sky all are thought to be there for pleasure of God. This thought is completely vague, ignorant and a shame to knowledge that mankind have acquired.

God, if bigger than nature would have ruled all of earth. The animals to must have their own Christ to celebrate Christmas; the trees too must have bowed when some human carried an idol of Shiva through the forest. Well, even if not so God should not have looked like men, their story would not have written in books that only literate man let alone other lovely species could understand. So, the falsity with which every religion seems to spread its propaganda regarding origin of life is a great fiction created by nature gifted human imagination.

did God do the Bid Bang?
Let us first examine the universality of God among humans. From Islam to Christianity, Hinduism to Buddhism the moral of religion seems to be the same- that of brotherhood and peace but the day-to-day living codes lay different. That is so obvious. A snow leopard leaves the same way as normal leopards; hunting and feeding itself, suckling its young ones however their prey is different, their hunting pattern is different too as their niche is far apart. The same is with religion. Islam being originated in relatively hot place demands young male’s prepuce to be cut. Later modern science stated that such act would reduce the chances of cancer in male genitals. Christians marry in White while Hindus wear White while mourning. It would be considered a sin, if I being a Hindu wore White in my marriage, and the Christian would rarely want to wear anything but white in his wedding. This tradition has lasted for centuries, however the bitter truth of dishonesty among partners remains a part of both culture. Hence, in name of God, society have made us do things that maybe good or bad; but without it we would have still lived passing through successive generations successfully.

So, you may ask how religion inhibited among us. It is the same way how agriculture, industry, education inhibited us. The religions that we talk of so fondly must have been created only once humans begin to live in society. Thus God is part of Nature. Like the Physicist, who, if he can’t prove “an ever occurring phenomenon”, terms his theory as hypothesis, religion is of no more a thing than hypothesis of learned men who could not furnish proof. If bathing thrice could provide men would vigor and jolliness all his day, nothing but religion would force men of medieval era to do so. Thus, Hindus in an era of disease and dirt might have flourished further due to this specific cultural directive. However, with modernity some of religion’s best directives have been left completely misinterpreted. While most of humans were into agriculture at time when religions where created one after another, the only one human most have prayed to for gifting them with food was Nature or God whom they believed to have created Nature. However, in 21st century as much of us have taken up service and industry, it is necessary that we thank the labor of farmers along with Nature itself for providing us food. Such alterations in religion are mere common sense, but the ways we have portrayed God has made us frightfully but not willfully follow his words strictly.

However, it is true that there is spiritual side to life. Only human can afford to meditate among the species in Earth. This is the great gift that Nature has given to us. All religions have tried to exploit this part, Buddhism at best. However, no religion has been able to make it a part of our day-to-day life. This very fact will lead religion to extinction. Almost all religious scriptures are written to evoke our spiritual part. However, the priests and guardians of religion continue to contain themselves to reading text from books whose language very few understand. If those responsible for religion promotion worked hard to find justification to spiritual part of life, and curtail God within limits of Nature it would prove a milestone in case of human civilization. That is the difference between Modern Science and Religion. Scientists are not only free to question but are provoked to question established theories. Thus, Einstein could go over Newtonian Physics to develop new unsought dimensions. However, you will get a hell ride if you questioned what is in holy script. Thus curiosity never arises among the priests and monks; they simply mug up what have been written thousand years back. They are never encouraged to bring new dimensions to religion they follow, but are only allowed to interpret what’s there for centuries.

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