Sunday, May 27, 2012


As the mystery of another Jestha 14 unfolds, the most unexpected thing might just have happened. As the clock steadily moved towards midnight, it was almost clear none of our leaders were really into constitution making. They had their own set of tricks to covert to what they wanted after midnight.

I am with you brother!
The first Coup as I say is committed by the united stand of NC and UML. Once, it was clear that the issues of federalism could not be solved by consensus; they should have allowed the issue to roll into motion in the CA. Most probably a voting in it would have been the best option at that time. However, knowing that their own lawmakers would cross the floor, the leaders of these parties sought to delay the process in name of flexibility and consensus. Had voting been done, UML would have been in serious trouble with their Leader Prithivi Subba Gurung taking the leadership of the Janajati Caucaus. A signature campaign set right after the 5 point agreement between the 4 major stake holders earlier, gathered 320 out of 596 lawmakers to go for federalism based on identity. They might be wrong or right, but democracy was doomed that day and doomed hard. The NC and UML knowing they would lose to this issue, never really wanted to get into the CA, where they didn't have the same bargaining teeth as in other meetings outside the CA. The so called democratic parties broke the very backbone of modern day democracy that day.
Clever than the teacher Mao!!

The second coup is a fresh one but a long thought for. The Maoists, even the liberals, always ought to have the final onus to be the "State Capture" walas. Every Maoist speaks of it, especially in their internal meet. As far as I am concerned, the Maoists have the cleverest of leaders with their mind full of amazing political tricks. The Baidya faction and Prachanda faction continuously play the Hollywood's Good Cop- Bad Cop routine. The Baidya faction has been able to retain the disgruntled and hardliner faction of their cadres; while Dr. Baburam Bhattrai continuously attempts to bring in more of the middle and upper class into the party base. As, Jestha 14 came closer, the Maoist leadership played an interesting game. Knowing that the downfall of CA, would bring down the legislature as well they organized a show piece discussion the whole afternoon. As the majority of communists, who seek the right situation to pounce for their unquestionable and continuous right to the government, Maoists of Nepal have done the same. If Dr. Bhattarai doesn't resign by himself, there's nothing else to force him to. A Coup, as said by the Chief whip of NC, occurred due to the failure of the same party to understand Maoist tactics. Maoists now have a stronghold in country's day-to-day running. The day they have dreamt of almost two decades ago, have come in partial fulfillment.

If NC and UML don't go into election as soon as possible, but rather choose to stick to its formulae of bringing down Maoist led government showing constitutional short comings, it will obviously  play into Maoist's ploy to stay in the government infinitely. So NC and UML along with other parties have no choice to go into election, even if it be under Maoist government, which shall sustain itself till then via it's coup of Jestha 14.

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