Sunday, April 29, 2012

Love The Difference!

When it comes to falling in love, it is sometimes a blind choice, as one University research reports its a decision that a brain makes in 1/5th of a second. Wow! Our brain is brilliant, however it doesnot always reciprocate with what we actually feel in real.Although the feeling may be ephemeral most of the time and the fling may pass by, however some lucky moment it is more of a mutual event that drives us together.

Apart from some great placing of heavenly stars, we don't find "love in a hopeless place" as Rihanna says. Rather,we take some time, we try to gather similarity and then we decide to jump in.
Moreover, I hear folks falling in love because both of them loved to travel, or both of them are doctors... or even maybe down to ridicules such as flavour of the ice cream they chose uninamously in their first date.

I used to believe in the same. I thought the similar we are the better off we are. I hope most of you believe in it as well.
Even a dog can love a cat! copyright@natgeo

Now,I don't think so! I think falling in love with a similar type of human is selfishness and an insurance to failure in a relationship. You love yourself the most, so at last you are prepared to love somebody like you because you know you can withstand somebody like you.

If you are a fairly tip top outgoing guy you will curl your instinct to like a girl like yourself because you know you shall be ashamed of going single into a discotheque even though you intoduced your girlfriend to meet with your friends in a family party yesterday night! If you are a soccer fan you will be delighted to have a fan of the same brass beacause none is going to ask you for a romantic evening walk, at a prime time footy match in ESPN.

But, that is not  you two pushing towards each other rather a black force of something that both of you are interested in binding you together. What if your mate suddenly switched to being a vegeterian, or decided she would quit reading stories of yours or changed his genre of movies or lost his adore to skype? You still need to work it out! Well, when people break up, the easy reason is "because s/he changed!". It is rather the interest that has changed. And relationship that has fostered in foundation of similarities tends to rattle once a quake of change in priorities strike.

So, once you love a girl who loves comics rather than opeds of the paper, you shall be in tricky water for some while. But, if you actually love each other,,,like that 1/5th of a second, you shall interchange your stuffs be pro in both of the segments and flourish together. Love shall take you to unknown territories. You will begin to laugh at moves of Johny lever, even though you only used to like Holloywood's Jim Kerry.Power of love is undeniable, use it to rather diversify your and your partner's scope rather than being concentrated on common issues.

Life is short we need to know more. So, love the difference!!

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