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Thanks to the combo of an hour of midday break and the libraries' periodical section, I get an opportunity to glance through most of the dailies. The current political impasse has provided ground for political analysts to fill in the op-eds full of jargons and complex political arguments. I respect them. I feel the integrity and intellectuality inside every pieces. The extent may depend on individual's perception but you certainly get to feel the gap between the regular tea talk of politically aware buddies and the columns in black and white.
So, in the following paragraphs, I will focus on relating the current maoist agenda through an inter disciplinarian approach ranging from psycology to the cinema hall. I shall also elaborate on simple advices that I have given myself or listened to being given to the Maoists. It may be while commenting on a facebook link or listening to laborers having cup of tea at 'Baneshwor Chowk 'or while sitting in front of TV viewing a current affair show!


Is it worth a game when you control both sets of pieces in a game of chess? The answer is a no in most of the cases. However, Maoists are so afraid of competition that they want to wipe away any sort of opposition either through intimidation or by isolating itself as the only 'proper political force' in the country. Maybe, to achieve the never achieved goal of communism, the hardliners inside the party are pressing for a continuous communist regime with zero opposition. O.K.! Let us assume the Maoists successfully seize state power. Than what? No elections! No freedom of speech! No newspapers! No facebook! Limited or no mobile services! (as in Gyanendra's regime!). Most importantly, there will be no way to update or to gain a fresh mandate from the people. For Nepalese, who have succesfully completed three big revolutions in a span of six decades(2007, 2047, 2062/63) B.S. against varying magnitude and form of totalitarian regime, another support to an authoritarian regime will not only be suicidal but one of the most foolish act in 21st century politics. Probably Nepalese have already realized this and the result was the failure of the indefinite strike called by the Maoists.

Dear learned brothers and sisters at Paris Danda, competition brings out the best in you. So admire this aspect off multiparty democracy. I don't mind if Prachanda or Baburam Bhattarai taking the helm at Baluwatar via a legitimate election for as many times , but where can the people question , if either one of the leader through his power (if gained through an urban uprising as thought by the Maoist) or through 'revolutionary charisma' (like Castro!) put forward his relative as his successor. Same has been the fate of North Koreans and the Cubans. They are not the country what Maoists made Nepalese to dream of when they went campaigning for the CA election. Maoist leaders visit Switzerland but who knows what they learn there? As soon as they land at the TIA, probably the northern wind of Maoism gets over them and another wave of immature politics is made to pave the way for Prachanda to become the next Kim Jong Il.


After emerging as the largest party from the CA election, it was obvious that Maoist would lead the next government. Yet I wonder, why Prachanda should have been so desperate for the post of PM. Outsourcing the job to Ram Bahadur Thapa or Barsaman Pun would have worked miracles for the then 'mystic, charismatic and majestic' image of the supremo. He would have been tagged as a leader who is ready to sacrifice the post of PM for concentrating on constitution and peace making process.(Not only he, Madhav Kumar Nepal too missed that opportunity in the greed of being a PM)

In the long run (if such Maoist led government had manufactured constitution and maintained low corruption and violence). Maoist would have surely won the following election with a sound majority. Prachanda would have rose as a 'Super PM'.

You may wonder what actually a Super PM is. A solid our neighbour at New Delhi –Mrs Sonia Gandhi. She too had a golden opportunity to rule the roost at New Delhi (even attractive and far more powerful than the role at Baluwatar!). She chose otherwise and stepped out of the race of PM, but after three quarters of a decade she is highly rated and her decisions seems to be the one that the cabinet silently obliges to.

Maoist have lost this chance for sure. Still most of the analysts believe Maoist will emerge as the biggest political party relating to their high success in the directly contested seats at the CA poll. However a commanding majority seems to be a minimal possibility.It is better that the Maoists realize this fact and act accordingly. It would be better off for the party as well as the nation.

Here is a short discription of a psycological disease that I shall later relate to the current Maoist situation.

Anorexia Nervosa, is an eating disorder found among adolescent girls. The girls suffering from this disease tend to starve themselves."Some have argued that anorexia often results from a fear of maturity in general, or from a desire to remain 'Mom and Dad's little girl'." (Morgan &King,Intro to Psycology,pp480)

Similar is the case of Maoist. Similar to the anorexia suffering girl ,Maoists are pushing the limits to maintain themselves as peoples' revolutionary party. They are finding hard to transform from a military equipped party to a civilian one ( by this I am not meaning the same as UML or NC). They want to integrate whole of their soldiers under a separate regiment in the NA or keep it as such. This is to prevail the chances of 'Jana Bidroha' (peoples' revolt) as one would think.

The indefinite strike called to bring down UML lead coalition government, sacking of incumbent CoAS were also the moves inspired to maintain the revolutionary attire to the party. These moves have done no good to the party, instead it has backfired and at least for a neutral observer like me have started starving Maoist of its vote and sympathy. The once populist saying of ' J garcha Moabadi le garcha '(Only Maoist can do!) has slowly vanished at least among the urban residents.

It might have been just okay if Maoist took two step in front and a step back. But Maoist are taking three steps back instead and are losing trust and credibility as never before. Its never late though. Maoist leadership must analyze their current status compared to three years before. Let's be hopeful they pinpoint their weakness and grow up to be a matured and more responsible party.

When I wanted to know the changes that are to be injected in a capitalist way of economics to bring about sustainable development I was suggested to go through “The Commonwealth Economics” authored by Jeffery D Sachs.(the writer himself is in a capitalist expert).Similarly 'Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy, and the West' a book by Benzir Bhutto helped me understand the reasons why democracy is struggling in Islamic countries(the writer herself is a Muslim leader).Texts like this helps us to understand and clarify many ideological confusions in a simple way.(Otherwise I couldn't have gone through the whole of Capitalism or the Quran to get a clear view on the above topics.)

The Maoists too make me confused. Nobody really knows whether they are there for democracy or one party coumunist regime or something in middle. I want to best clear this through one of the books or articles written by one of the reliable Maoist leader(as I have shown in the case of above book the writer are related to their own field).This also means that the Maoist cannot shy away from their agenda the hard copy will remain there as a proof and can't be blamed as a media creation. This would make us understand Maoist objective and ideology because all of us can't go through or rather fully understand Marx, Lenin or Mao's principle. As a matter of fact, I think the leaders themselves are confused and divided in this issue. Clearing of this dilemma would make Maoist a better directed party. This would certainly lead to a more united Maoist as the proxy war between the three main leaders shall also diminish.


As the spiderman was told,"With great power comes great responsibility", Maoist must come in terms with this saying. They have a large base of young and energetic party members.Now they need to acess their power and act responsibly. The people have sent Maoist to the "Shutter Island" of New Baneshwor so as to completely detach themselves from violence. If Maoists come off healed, than they provide us an opportunity to say "Mero Euta Sathi Cha" otherwise what more than "Ta ta Sarhai Bigris ni Badri!". For me, I just pray every morning "Wake up Sid!".

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