Saturday, October 23, 2010


Well needless to say Ratnapark is nomore a park now a days.With yellow grass and muddy fish ponds..and other dirts that surrounds the park it has lost its popularity among the aristocrats and the middle class society of Kathmandu.The unavilability of parking lots(rather a no necessity) shows the dislike of the venue that used to be one of the favourite dating and passtime  place some decades ago.

BUSINESS: Ratnapark is full of business motive people.I wonder how many have gone to make big from the small business they have started at this rent less venue.The selling of cucumbers, dry fruits and various small items like butis, unique pieces of Rudrakshas and Yarsaghuma takes place at Ratnapark.The level of trust (may be because the buyers and sellers are both from outside the valley) is amazingly strong.People tend to trust what the seller are pursuading at and while I was there people bought yarsagumba and a specific piece of Rudraksha for Rs 1000.Moreover small weekly newspapers with wild headlines are best sold at Ratnapark.

The Metropolitian Police tends to sweep away the footpath stalls at certain periods , but the stalls are temporarily removed and again put intact.The Ice cream vendors as I sae were clever, they stayed inside the premises of the park but put the cone filled with icecream outside the bar so that the customers can approach them from both outside and inside the bar.I didnt ask any their monthly income..and maybe its better not to know.

BHASAN: In the segment of Bhasan, i categorize not only the formal speeches but the street dramas and shows that are put forward.Here generally children are exploited, they are forced to perform dances, tricks, and are brutally beaten if they dont perfornm satisfyingly.Rather than due to the performance people tend to give the performers some money due to the innocence and helplessness of the child
And there are the "Mukundas" who give speeches from the branch of the te trees.The talks are generally political and is made up of slang language.These are entertaining and interactions are allowed.
Apart from these, there are business person performing tricks with household  utilities adhesives knives etc.

SEX TRADE: The sex trade takes place in all form that is in person, or non person things like sex magazines comics and sex enhancing medicenes.Well I have not been their late night.Otherwise (as accord to the Media and some of the persons I have listened from) prostitutes bargain for their fees and go to the customer's or to their own chosen venue.
This trend  of buying sex magazine is generally found among male labourers and people of low class( i mean economically and not morally) buy them in substitute to the modern porn DVDs that the middle and rich class youths enjoy.Generally the immigrants come to Katmandu away from their home and they fulfill their need of sex through these services available at Ratnapark.

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